Privacy Policy of Krikya Website

When creating an account on the official Krikya website, the user agrees to the terms of the privacy policy and accepts the rules of personal data processing. This page outlines all the features of collecting, storing, using and transferring users’ personal information. Please read them carefully before you register on our site.

The category of personal data includes any information about the client that allows him to be identified as a unique user. This can be your first and last name, date of birth, city of residence and any other information that allows us to verify that you are a real person.

Your information is safe with Krikya.

About Security of Your Krikya Personal Information

The collection of personal data begins when the user visits the site for the first time and continues until his or her account is terminated. When you first come to Krikya, you need to accept the cookie policy. After that, we begin to receive information about you, your device, your communication provider, and your IP address. Further, when you interact with the site and app, fill out forms, make deposits or withdraw money, we receive additional information about you.

There are several main purposes we have for collecting personal information from customers:

  • Improving the quality of services and expanding the site’s functionality and gaming capabilities;
  • Confirming the user’s identity and preventing fraud and money laundering;
  • Development of more effective advertising strategies and marketing promotion campaigns;
  • Creating general and personal promotions and bonuses to maintain user interest.

By collecting personal data, we get to know our audience better and can offer them better and more diverse services.

In accordance with Krikya’s privacy policy, users’ personal data cannot be disclosed or transferred to third parties. This information is completely confidential. It can only be disclosed if fraudulent activity is suspected. In that case, the data can be provided to law enforcement authorities after an investigation. Also, your name and some other information may be used by us for news and promotional material in case you receive big winnings.

To protect personal information from leaks we have provided multilevel encryption and information transfer through secured channels. Also, the security is provided by cryptographic protocols.

If you wish, you can stop providing us with your personal data. To do this, please contact our support service.